Fiber optic luminous fabric

The optical fiber scattering is the result of a proprietary process of treating protected by international patents fiber. Consisting of a uniform distribution of light over the entire length of the fiber rather than the end only, this technique provides exceptional performance by giving these products an incomparable brightness.

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This exclusive process helps diffuse PMMA fibers on a selected length. Rather than using the light at the end of the fiber, it is evenly distributed over the length.

Fiber length that lies between the source and the lighting point hardly loses light output, allowing a return flow Broadcast / incoming flow of the order of 80%.

The brightness depends on the length of the fiber and is proportional to its cross section, the fiber diameters can range from 0.25 to 3 mm (ie a fiber of 2 mm times 4 illuminates a fiber of 1 mm). To increase the flow returned, we group the fiber cables 7, 19 or 37 fibers.

Diffusing our cables can uniformly illuminate up to 20 m, supplied by a single side. This length can be doubled by two ends of the cable. By applying the treatment, we can thus obtain lengths of 50 meters without loss of light in the middle of the cable broadcasting.

Generally, halogen or iodide generators are used to power the fiber but in some cases, the power LEDs are proving to be the ideal solution.

tissu lumineux

The bright optical fiber fabric is a solution for multiple lighting applications in the areas of lighting, communications, security, decoration, showbiz, fashion and clothing …

This technique meets the fire / smoke standards.

The light fabric is based on a unique and original techniqueThis technique helps build fiber blended with other fibers.

The resulting fabric has close to those of an ordinary synthetic fabric properties, but also has the remarkable property of emitting light when connected to a specific electronic module.

The electronic module is powered either by battery or by a small mains transformer (for fixed decoration pieces, etc. …) or generator for very long lengths / areas.

Depending on the type of the electronic module, the light can be different colors.

According to the customers’ desires, we have generators emit a single color (called monochrome generator) or generator RGB: Red – Green – Blue.

To adjust the brightness and vary the texture colors RGB generators we use to control DMX devices and infrared remote controls. We can also provide you with modulators.


Jacquard weaving makes the fibers appear in a predefined pattern. The portion of the fabric on the machine makes the illuminating fiber portions forming the units. The illuminated areas are determined by the intensity of the processing performed by the CNC machine.

The power of the fabric can be done by LEDs placed on a strip of cloth at the end.

The optical fibers are woven parallel with the width of 130 cm. The bright fabric can be sewn with standard sewing machines. The bright fabric can be cut according to specific rules.

Following the application of decoration, the wiring can be hidden in the fabric around the edges or a rail.

The light is available in 5 colors (red, green, blue, yellow and white).

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For mobile applications, the power supply can be made by conventional or rechargeable batteries.

The optical fiber fabric can be hand washed with water at 40 ° C and soap (the battery must be removed before washing).

The fiber material is as strong as conventional synthetic fabric.

The optical fiber fabric should not be machine washed or ironed or folded (which might damage or breakage of the fiber), or ideally rolled on a support.

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The light emitted by the light fabric is visible in daylight.

Under custom made, Midlightsun supplies spare fully wired fabric, up to 150 cm wide, any length up to 50 meters, and including the electric power system (AC adapter or batteries).

The color of the fabric and the sequencing of the color lights are formed on the basis of customer requirements.

Whether your project is decorative in nature or even artistic, we will use all means possible to ensure its feasibility and completion as soon as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Fiber optic fabric


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