Bio: Professional luminous fiber optic fabric and wireless leds items for decoration : intelligent material innovative and original MIDLIGHTSUN® explore de nouveau domaine dans la décoration intérieure et extérieure en utilisant des techniques d’éclairage avancées, innovantes et originales. Technologies brevetées lumineuses. MIDLIGHTSUN® spécialiste du tissu lumineux fibre optique et de la fibre optique diffusante, LED. Introduire de la lumière où vous y attendez le moins. Conçu & fabriqué en France

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  1. MIDLIGHTSUN Fiber Optics Fabric is made of ultra-thin optical fibers, directly woven with synthetic fibers created and produced in France.
This fabric is similar to a synthetic fabric (it can be sewn, hand washed…), except that it can emit light when connected to specific electronic modules.
    Our creation can also be specifically designed and customized to fit your needs and bring your ideas to life always with the same luxury style but in a unique and innovative way.

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