MIDLIGHTSUN-Luminous fiber optic fabric – fiber optic – lighting

MIDLIGHTSUN ®, specialist of the bright solutions and the materials innovative and varied for the ARCHITECTURE and the DESIGN offers, through number of its collections, a very wide pallet of materials, textures, colors which allow to realize singular, audacious and remarkable projects especially as are available finishes and colorings on the demand, still slowing down the possible combinations.


luminous fiber optic fabric

luminous fiber optic fabric


Luminous fabric fiber optic

Fibers optic


Designed and manufactured in France, all patented.
In these collections, the beautiful materials will be a source of infinite creativity and modernity for the creator who tries “ to impose his leg ” and, certainly, to distinguish himself.

MIDLIGHTSUN® at your service.

Midlightsun-Robe lumineuse tissée de fibre optique – Luminous fiber optic fabric


Actuellement vous pouvez voir sur toutes les chaines de télévision cette publicité de Thierry Mugler Parfums – Clarins Fragrance Group.
Cette robe a été confectionné avec du tissu lumineux tissé de fibre optique de 0,25 mm.
Que votre projet soit de nature architecturale, décoratif ou artistique, nous mettrons tous les moyens en œuvre pour garantir sa faisabilité et le faire aboutir dans les meilleurs délais.
N’hésitez pas à nous contacter.


Currently you can see on all TV channels such advertising Thierry Mugler Parfums – Clarins Fragrance Group.

This dress was made with the light fabric woven fiber of 0.25 mm.
Whether your project is kind of architectural, decorative and artistic, we will use all means possible to ensure its feasibility and bring it to fruition as soon as possible.
Do not hesitate to contact us.

Midlightsun fiber optic fabric and bright LEDs Wireless specialist.

Midlightsun fiber optic fabric and bright LEDs Wireless specialist.
Innovative, original for all visual communication media.

Our bright fabric hi-tech fiber optics and LEDs our wireless bite mainly concern: the communication and event agencies, hotels, restaurants, architects, designers, graphic designers, installers and sign makers …
Our decorative items can be used for special events, performances, shows, product launchesmedia advertisingcorporate identity, fashion, theater, film set, innovative and original packaging, signage,inside transparent walls (wall of water, aquarium …)

You have a project, an idea, a special request contact us, we would try to best suited your needs.