Innovative lighting-luminous fiber optic fabric and glowing fibre optic

Innovative lighting-luminous fiber optic fabric and glowing fibre optic

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New Light-Emitting Technologies
MIDLIGHTSUN® is a pioneer in the new segments of decoration and design based on advanced light-emitting technologies: luminous fibre optic fabrics – the brightest side glow optical fibre on the market… (French patents).
When it comes to approaching the client or prospective customer for the first time, the shop window is the most important factor to consider when developing your business strategy.
Light is captivating…
Dynamic eye-catching advertising increases brand visibility.
Illuminated displays using LEDs, fibre optics or luminous fabric. Illuminated displays SERVE marketing and advertising.

Innovative lighting-luminous fiber optic fabric and glowing fibre optic

Innovative lighting-luminous fiber optic fabric and glowing fibre optic

If you’re looking for innovative, original light-emitting products, we have the solution… innovative solutions which have not yet been put on offer and are not yet on the market…
We have new materials and new technologies which will make you stand out visually from the crowd in modern, unusual and innovative ways. With these, you’ll be able to create a sensation amongst your customers and ensure your designs make a long- lasting impression on them.

Some of the various applications are as follows: interior design development, hotel decor, shops, exhibitions, shows, product launches, openings, advertising, fashion, theatre, film sets, advertising materials, innovative and original packaging, signage, safety, and so on.

Our main customers are: hotels, restaurants, bars, caterers, event agencies, advertising agencies, PR firms, sign manufacturers and fitters, decorators, designers, architects, fashion designers, costumiers, dress designers and lighting designers.

As each of our applications differs, we study our customers’ specifications on a case- by-case basis in order to fit your needs best.

Whether your project is of an architectural, decorative or artistic nature, we will make every effort to ensure its feasibility and finalise it as swiftly as possible.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.