luminous fabric – fiber optic fabric

The technological innovation of our decorations fiber optics and light fabric fiber surprise your customers, guests, and leave a great memory.

Bright fabric

Bright fabric

This optical fiber fabric is the most powerful currently on the market . It is visible in bright light. French manufacturing .

illuminated fabric - bright fabrics

illuminated fabric – bright fabrics

The luminous fabric is made of ultra -fine optical fibers , directly woven with synthetic fibers . Optical fibers are specially treated to allow them to emit light along their length ( side emitting fiber ) . The optical fibers are then connected to LEDs ( hidden in the edges on the periphery of the fabric , or track ) , which inject light into the tissue. The light fabric is also available in jacquard . It is water resistant and can be washed . (excluding connections ) . The optical fiber fabric is also resistant than conventional synthetic fabric. The light fabric can be folded safely parallel optical fibersThe Bright Fabric can be powered by an AC 110/220 Volt adapter for stationary applications , or batteries ( disposable or rechargeable ) . Depending on the type of electronic module used , light can be of different colors . ( RGB ) Different colors may be mixed within the same fabric , creating highly distinctive visual effects .

luminous fabric - fiber optic fabric

luminous fabric – fiber optic fabric

Various applications are : the development of interior design , decoration of hotels, shops , exhibitions ,shows, exhibitions , product launches , inaugurations, advertising, fashion , theater, murals, advertising media, innovative and original packaging, the signaling , safety …

Our main clients are: hotels , restaurants , bars , event agencies , advertising agencies , public relations , brand manufacturers and installers, decorators designers architects, designer costume designer (luminous clothes), designer light …

French manufacture of optical fiber luminous fabric

French manufacture of optical fiber luminous fabric

Requests that we are all different, as we study the specifications on a case by case basis to best meet your requirements.

For all applications for new fashion , architecture, interior exterior of event , marketing … contact us, we’ll investigate and realize your projects.

fiber optic light

fiber optic light

Whether your project is decorative in nature or even artistic, we will use all means possible to ensure its feasibility and bring it to fruition as soon as possible .

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Midlightsun fiber optic fabric and bright LEDs Wireless specialist.

Midlightsun fiber optic fabric and bright LEDs Wireless specialist.
Innovative, original for all visual communication media.

Our bright fabric hi-tech fiber optics and LEDs our wireless bite mainly concern: the communication and event agencies, hotels, restaurants, architects, designers, graphic designers, installers and sign makers …
Our decorative items can be used for special events, performances, shows, product launchesmedia advertisingcorporate identity, fashion, theater, film set, innovative and original packaging, signage,inside transparent walls (wall of water, aquarium …)

You have a project, an idea, a special request contact us, we would try to best suited your needs.