Wireless led table lamps

wireless table lamps rechargeable
wireless table lamps rechargeable

Wireless table lamp rechargeable for professional

Professional wireless rechargeable lighting for your tables and outdoor spaces, dedicated to careers in hospitality, catering, SPA …

Lighting a wireless solution that allows you to illuminate your interiors / exteriors, according to your desires.

These table lamps wireless allows you to create a unique atmosphere by selecting the color that fits your business.

Specially developed to meet the business requirements of the world of the night, of events companies, hotels and restaurants, this range will allow you to quickly recoup your investment and find a wireless lighting solution, simple and effective that your customers will appreciate …

Prestige collection exception rechargeable cordless lamp Murano glass


Murano glass is an art !

Murano glass is a glass of high purity and close to that of the crystal shine.

But its main charm comes from the extensive range of colors it can endorse and purity thereof.

It’s craftsmanship of Murano glass made famous worldwide. Today, artists, architects and designers from all over the world to work in Murano glass and give the new life. Murano glass have become works of art sought after by collectors around the world, their fascination has remained intact.

All these table lamps are made by hand, made on the island of Murano, in the tradition of glassmaking. Vetro Artistico ® Murano

They can be customized: color of your choice, gold inlay sheet. To tell us when ordering.