MIDLIGHTSUN LIGHTING-Innovation technologique-Introduire de la lumière où vous y attendez le moins.

MIDLIGHTSUN LIGHTING-Innovation technologique-Introduire de la lumière où vous y attendez le moins.

MIDLIGHTSUN LIGHTING-Innovation technologique-Introduire de la lumière où vous y attendez le moins.

Avec ces vœux, MIDLIGHTSUN vous souhaite d’oser.
Oser réaliser vos rêves.
Oser concrétiser vos projets.
Oser profiter de votre bonheur.
Oser avoir tout le succès que vous méritez.
Tout cela est en vous, il ne vous reste plus qu’à oser.

Nous vous remercions de la confiance que vous nous avez témoignée et de celle que vous nous témoignerez.

Très bonne nouvelle année à vous.

With these wishes, MIDLIGHTSUN wish you dare.
Daring to achieve your dreams.
Dare realize your projects.
Daring to enjoy your happiness.
Dare to have all the success you deserve.
All that is in you, it’ll just dare.

Thank you for the trust you have placed in us and one that we are witnesses.

Very Happy New Year to you.

MIDLIGHTSUN-Cordless lamp

Cordless lamps inside-outside

Cordless lamps inside-outside

MIDLIGHTSUN offers a range of Wireless Indoor lights – outdoor IP44

Resistant to shock and waterproof lamps for indoor use and / or external.

A lighting solution that makes your life easier.


Midlightsun-Cordless table lamp

cordless lamp

cordless lamp


Cordless table lamp : PREMIUM RANGE

These lamps wireless upscale are acrylic glass waterproof (IP44) and resistant to shocks. CE standard.

LED module: waterproof and unscrewed, 6 preset colors + white hot, fashion automatic color change, color mode customization.

Diffuser: acrylic glass (Classic Iceberg) PE (Egg), interchangeable and shock resistant.

Dimension: Classic – 135 x 75 mm, EGG – 135 x 105 mm, Iceberg – 135 x 74 mm

Loading tray (included) Multi-Charger (6 lamps), stackable to save space, EVA thermo-molded. Charging time: 5h, autonomy 20h.

Works with remote control only (so that customers do not play with the lights).

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. (professional among the most competitive price)



centre de table lumineux sans fil rechargeable incassable étanche pour professionnels

centre de table lumineux sans fil rechargeable incassable étanche pour professionnels

cordless table lamp


Midlightsun-Cordless table lamps for professionals

Cordless lamps for professionals

Cordless lamps for professionals


New table lamps wireless for professionals.

Just before the new season was here two; in the Prestige range we present “Alu” and in the Premium Range “Mini Arabic.”

Alu, a clean design classy and contemporary, is made ​​of acrylic and aluminum

Arabic Mini is acrylic and the line is also very modern design.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Luminous decoration

Luminous decoration

We have materials that allow extravagance and spectacular for all your decorations.
The dream began in the shop window !

The light fabric is made of ultra- thin optical fibers directly woven with synthetic fibers. The optical fibers are specially treated to allow them to emit light over their entire length ( side emitting fiber ) . The optical fibers are then connected to LEDs ( hidden in the edges on the periphery of the fabric , or rail ) , which inject light into the tissue. The light fabric is also available in jacquard . It is waterproof and can be washed . (excluding connection) . The fiber material is as strong as conventional synthetic fabric. The bright fabric can be safely folded parallel to the optical fibers. The bright fabric can be powered by an AC 110/220 Volt adapter for stationary applications , or batteries ( disposable or rechargeable ) Depending on the type of electronic module used , the light can be different colors . (RGB) Different colors can be mixed within the same tissue , creating highly original visual effects.

For lighting applications in the field of lighting , communications , security , decoration …
This fabric fiber optic is the most powerful on the market . It is visible in bright light.
Applications include :
Development of interior design , decoration of hotels, shops, windows …
For entertainment , shows, costumes , product launches , advertising … : Event agencies , advertising agencies, public relations, installers and retailers , signage and bright visual identities manufacturers.
In fashion, theater, film sets, advertising media, innovative and original packaging …
All sizes and colors – Monochrome or RGB – DMX – Remote .
Applications that we are all different , so we study the specifications of our clients on a case by case basis to best meet your requirements.
Made in 100% French

The rechargeable wireless lamps 
MIDLIGHTSUN * LED Outdoor / Indoor wireless rechargeable high capacity offer the advantages of a practical , economical , to create a romantic and peaceful atmosphere for long evenings. ( * Emitting diode or light emitting diode ) . These beautiful lamps wireless , are designed to offer the best technology . LEDs.
Create the atmosphere so that all your evenings are accompanied by a soft light giving the final touches to a perfectly laid table or managed in a Zen atmosphere aperitif. Warm white , cool white or multicolor they are the finishing touch to a perfect evening .

Midlightsun is a company specializing in fiber optic lighting kits.
We sell custom kits, and offer customized fiber optic lighting , both interior as exterior of your house or commercial solutions. All our equipment has been tested for heat resistance and performance to justify a guarantee of quality and durability.
Our fiber optic chandeliers are powered by either optical fiber or by low voltage halogen lamp . They bring a touch of refined and original decoration to your place and create a highly innovative light atmosphere. We can custom make .
Fiber optic chandeliers create original light effects . The biggest can hang from ceiling to floor and as theoptical fiber emits no heat , no UV and no electricity flows through the fibers, these chandeliers can be touched without danger to persons . They provide bright lighting and can be broken down into different lengths, so that whatever the height of your ceiling , we have the right product for you .
Midlightsun offers expertise and advice in the fiber optic lighting choice.


A single light source can multiply the bright spots .
The optical fiber emits no heat or UV .
The spots are still completely cold .
No electricity flows through the fibers , so you can touch them safe and place them in places (bathroom , spa … ) where conventional lighting would be dangerous . Economical and easy to maintain , with one lamp change , the maintenance can be done by almost everyone . No technical knowledge is required. A color wheel can change colorful atmosphere . A twinkle wheel has a similar magical effect in the light of a candle .

The wireless lighting : a professional line dedicated to decorating and lighting.

The range of ” Interior Design ” is a collection dedicated to heavy duty professionals. It includes panels accepting electrical power ranging from 0 to 250W , lighting up of 0.1 ( LEDs) 50 W ( Spots) , a wide range of LED solutions and fireflies, and accessories.

Whether your project is decorative in nature or even artistic, we will use all means possible to ensure its feasibility and to achieve as soon as possible .


kit fiber optic – luminous carpet – luminous fiber optic –

luminous fiber optic fabric

luminous fiber optic fabric- luminous textile-luminous decoration-

wireless lamps

wireless lamps

wireless LEDs

wireless LEDs luminous decoration – luminous decoration in the shop window –

Luminous fabric specialist, wireless leds, wireless lamps, fiber optic.


MIDLIGHTSUN specialist fiber optic light fabric and professional lighting. Our bright fabric is much more powerful and efficient than anything that is currently on the market. This optical fiber fabric isvisible in bright light. Ideal for architects, interior designers, event agencies, communication agencies, and performing arts …
This bright fiber fabric can also be used on safety apparel, clothing scene …


MIDLIGHTSUN is a French company specializing in fiber optic fabric,fiber opticwireless leds and wireless lamps.

Fiber optic


Wireless lamps

Wireless LEDs

visual Communication

Fiber Optic and wireless Leds

We only sell high quality products from factories in Britain and France.